Wireless for an open world

We Are O.N.E

The Open Network Experience.

For ease of doing business

With the use of standard wireless technology that helps you

  1. Set up digital self service kiosks.
  2. On board new customers.
  3. Take orders and sell

And uncover possibilities of creating new business lines. And deliver value in unexpected ways.

And Access. And Engage. And Connect.

We've Got OWL

The Open Wireless Links


  • That can serve your business applications. In buildings, in railway coaches. Theme parks or classrooms. In your mountain cabin or at museums. Anywhere, everywhere. Even when the internet is down.
  • That can help you get noticed. By customers. Or by your fans. Or your readers. Whomever. Forever.
  • That can help you manage your operations. In your warehouse. At your factory. On your campus. Whatever you need. Whenever you need it.

Anywhere you roam

Your customers won't have to install any new applications. A mobile phone with a web browser will be sufficient. All they have to do is connect to your wireless hootspots.

So you can set up access points in multiple locations. Around the city. Interstate. Or go international with the help of a standardized technology that digitizes your common business processes.

At home or in office. At an airport or in a bus. At a beach or in a hotel. Our technology helps you connect and engage with your customers.

Its O.N.E.

And its wireless like you've never experienced before.