Whitewater Wireless Paradise

Tender Coconuts

Oceanographers have got the best jobs in the world. They frolic on the beach all day long, run off to exotic islands to "study" coastal rock formations and nap on a yacht in the middle of ocean while collecting "scientific" data. Ask them a casual question like how many beaches are there in the world, just to keep the conversation going, you know how it can get a bit boring staring at the big blue all day long? And they get upset citing "improbabilities of measurement" due to the "coastline paradox" and what not.

Well we are not so bright to go about refuting scientific paradoxes or challenging the wisdom of the great minds . All we know is this. Whether there be a 100 or a 100 million of them beaches you can be sure that bondi will always keep you connected. With other beachers. So grab your sunglasses because we're gonna be catching some waves. HEE HAW!

Blue Wave Catchers

Bonding over Bondi

Connected Coast to Coast

As a beach wireless communication technology provider bondi helps build the digital beach ecosystem. For tourists. For coast guards. For water, sport organizers, for government administrators. For anyone who loves the beach.

Bondi wireless hootspots work with any wireless capable device. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Anywhere you need. All the time. Bondi makes your beach experience better.

Tropical Delights

With Bondi beaches will be more fun to explore. Bondi's beach wireless technology helps :-

  • The tourists by easing them into a new place. By helping them check out all the action that is happening on the beach and in the vicinity. Acquainting them with "the way" of your beach.
  • Small business economy of restaurants and beach side hotels to advertise their products non intrusively. A prospect simply needs to connect to one of their wireless hootspots to know what's on offer.
  • Local community by helping them become a part of a beach wide notice board that encourages participation to preserve and promote the ecosystem. Helping regulatory authorities by digitizing licensing and application process.

Beach is for bonding. Bondi is for beach.

Its O.N.E.

And its wireless like you've never experienced before.