Wireless For Wellness

Over The Air

Vera helps communities and organizations plan the things that are most important for living a good, healthy life. With ONE, The Open Network experience that connects technology with your well being. Mind, body and spirit .

Blowing in the wind

A mission to empower wellness initiatives

Healing Connections

Vera connects to any wireless capable device. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and works even when there is no internet. Anywhere you need. All the time.

As a wireless communication technology provider Vera encourages communities to plan and participate in wellness programs. A healthy community is a happy community .

With Vera you can organize group yoga classes or outdoor team activities. Music festivals, or hiking events. Run for a cause. Or become ONE with nature. Stay fit . Stay connected.

A hoot in the wild

Vera's portable health hootspots (H.H) can be installed anywhere they are required.

  • An H.H in your office to give access to health care programs and to promote employee personal development
  • An H.H in your club for new member registrations, tracking and training required for individual members as well as informing members of events and heath drives taking place.
  • An H.H in community centers giving the general people access to disease prevention and self care tips as well as promoting well being by active participation in health awareness campaigns.

With Vera wellness becomes a part of your daily life. Where there's Vera there's a way

Its O.N.E.

And its wireless like you've never experienced before.